Kanye West &
So apparently the two most fame-hungry people in America dropped their mirrors long enough to find each other.  That’s right.  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are dating.  (At least that’s the rumor.) 

At first, all I could do was roll my eyes in disbelief.  Isn’t it torture enough putting up with these people individually?  Now we have to put up with them as a couple?

But eventually, I warmed up to the idea of the two of them together.  After all, they’re the perfect couple.  Because they’re the only people out there who can actually stand each other. 

So why hate?  Why not celebrate that these two incredibly irritating people now get to irritate each other?  That’s exactly the kind of relationship I can get behind.



12/27/2012 12:27

Best way to look at it I've ever heard. Cheers to K W and K K!


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